Durability at maximum performance

Picks for road milling machines and stabilisers

What we do

Stellar delivers high quality carbide tools to road construction and mining industry. Wide range of our products fulfills expectations of all working conditions. We believe only satisfaction of our customers guarantee our success.

We offer wide range of picks for asphalt and concrete milling. Experience and highest quality components guarantee durability in every working conditions.
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Our tools are designed for maximum efficiency in both sandy/abrasive and rocky sort of soil. We offer picks with handle diameters in range from 20 to 25mm.
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We are specialized supplier of picks, drills bits and drill pipes for coal mine industry. We comply with high requirements for products used in coal mine sector.
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Stellar HD

We are able to produce any kind of steel tool with carbide. Contact us for more information.

What we differ from the competition

Our company strives for continuous improvement in everything we do to support our customers in their challenges. We are able to offer tailor made products to meet your specific needs.

High quality of components
We focus on highest quality components to ensure maximum durability in every working conditions.
Maximum performance
High standards of production combined with innovation help us to become high-value supplier and provide better solutions for our partners.
Price-value ratio
We deliver products and services at fair value. All of our prices of the products are calculated based on the best price-value ratio.
Customer satisfaction
Our goal is to be trustful and reliable supplier for our customers. We believe only continuous improvement can guarantee satisfaction of our partners.

Strongest picks on market

We offer high quality picks in different options of a handle diameters (20 -38 mm). We focus on innovative solutions to deliver our customers the best working performance.

R8/20 HD
One of the strongest pick for asphalt milling with biggest carbide and handle 20 mm. Dedicated for difficult working conditions eg. deep milling, low temperatures. Especially recommended for big milling machines with ≤ 2000 cm width drum.
RX/22 HD-R
Great choice for all the customers that can not predict working conditions and type of the soil during stabilization. Special composition and shape of carbide of RX/22 HDR guarantee the best working performance in all types of the soil.
RX/25 HD
Pick for application in big soil stabilizers with 25 mm diameter pick holders. Special shape of the pick body prevent carbide breakage even in working in a ground with big stones.
FS/38 HD
Universal pick with two step of handle 30/38 mm. Tool with 165 g carbide protected by additional ≥54 wear resistant hardness coating. Ask for more detailed specification.
Our high quality carbide provides stability of milling performance without risk of breakage. Optimal hardness of steel body guarantees better lifetime of our picks.
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Soil Stabilisation has a wide range of benefits and attractions in today’s construction industry. It is very important to choose right pick depending to different soil conditions.
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Thanks to our wide range of picks to asphalt and soil you can choose optimal tool to any work conditions. Please find right recommendation for all application.
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Durability at maximum performance