About Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

The process of soil stabilisation is used where it is necessary to treat the ground being worked to obtain foundations with an improved load bearing capacity. This involves mixing the soil being worked with a binder such as lime and/or cement. Not only does this improve the mechanical properties of the ground but also its resistance to temperature, rain and frost. A more cost effective solution than the traditional clay soil removal and replacement with aggregates. Incorporating lime, or cement, or both, can provide different advantages in different ground use situations.

Soil Stabilization with lime

The ground characteristics that can be achieved with a lime binder addition is the improved ability to compact the material leading to higher load bearing capacity. The lime drives moisture from the soil mix and enables the hardening process.

Soil Stabilization with cement

Cement is used as a binder where the soil material is more inferior, excavations are deeper, or elevations higher. With the cement binder the surface is more resistant to wear and the ground strength is increased. Careful metered injection of water is required to achieve the optimum performance. Usually the laboratory is required to analyse the soil sample and direct the correct binder addition.

Soil Stabilization with lime & cement

By using both binder processes of lime and cement a higher load capacity can be achieved. As with the cement only binder, the amount of binder addition should come from a soil sample analysis, the soil moisture content must be carefully monitored and the correct metered injection of water applied. The soil is strengthened and more workable when pre-treated with lime before the cement addition. By adjusting the binder quantities the setting process will be faster (more cement)/slower (more lime).

In all situations of the soil stabilisation process it is important to ensure the whole work area has been machined, milled and mixed, to ensure the soil/binder mix is well distributed and integrated before compacting.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization

  • Reduced landfill costs
  • Ability to work in winter
  • Reduce the use of aggregates
  • Project timescales reduced
  • Reduced traffic around sites

High quality of picks

It is very important to choose right pick depending to different soil conditions. STELLAR HD offers wide range of highest quality picks to soil stabilisation. Our tools are designed for maximum efficiency in both sandy/abrasive and rocky sort of soil. We offer picks with handle diameters in range from 20 to 25mm.

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