Quality of picks

Road Picks

Only the highest quality carbide is used in the manufacturing process. Extensive research to establish the correct proportions of tungsten/cobalt means that Stellar supply you Road Picks with high wear properties and resistance to fracture. Improved lifetime of the Body is also achieved by optimising its hardness. Stellar Road Picks offer you consistent and reliable milling performance.

Soil Stabilisation Picks

Developed with same principles as our Road Picks, the Soil Stabilisation Picks contain improved levels of carbide when compared to other suppliers. Along with a large body, this ensures the durability of our products and less downtime for our customers. Stellar Soil Stabilisation Picks are designed for maximum efficiency in sandy/abrasive and rocky soil types.

Mining Picks

Maintaining high level quality standards for all our Picks means that Stellar also comply with the stringent requirements and specialist nature of the Coal Mining industry. Stellar are able to supply a varied array of mining picks to meet the many different demands of the industry.


  • Consistent and reliable Quality
  • High performance
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Longer life time
  • Increase productivity and reduced cost
  • Large product range
  • Product design & development

(1) Optimised shape and carbide content improves abrasion and fracture resistance

(2) High quality welding

(3) Pick body hardness provides high durability factor

(4) Wide body collar supporting the wear plate

(5) Good protection of thr tool holder from the wide dimension and optimal hardness of the wear plate

(6) Improved rotation from perfecting the clamping sleeve toughness and hardness